Create a fundraising team

Fundraising Teams in Echoleft are a great way for a group of people to tell their own story with their own fundraising page, while combining their fundraising total as a team.

Make sure you're logged in to Echoleft before trying to create a team.

If you're fundraising in a group, you can choose between a shared fundraising page, or creating a fundraising team. Read about the difference to help you choose which you'd prefer.

  1. Visit the “Create A Fundraising Team Page”. You can find the page at:

  2. Choose a name and fundraising target for your team. Your team name will be shown on the team page and when the team is shared on social media.

  3. Log in or create an account. If you're not already logged in, you'll need to create or enter a password.

  4. Make a note of your team code. Your team-mates will need your team code to join your team.

  5. Share your team code. Your team-mates will need to create their own fundraising pages and use your team code to join the team.