Shared Fundraising Pages

Last updated 6 months ago

If you're fundraising in a group, you can choose between a shared fundraising page, or creating a fundraising team. Read about the difference to help you choose which you'd prefer.

Updating your fundraising page to be shared.

  1. When viewing your fundraising page, press “Edit Page“. You will need to be logged in to see the “Edit Page” button.

  2. In the “Group Fundraising Options” section, choose “How many people is this fundraising page for?” > “This is a fundraising page for multiple people.”

    An additional field is available: “If your page is for multiple people, how would you like to show their names?”. This will allow you to customise your page with a team name, or a list of names for when the page is viewed or shared on social mdeia. If you leave this blank, the page will still show as shared, for example all headings will be updated e.g. “Sally's Story” will become “Our Story”.