Shared fundraising pages vs fundraising teams

There are two ways to fundraise with your friends and family on Echoleft: shared fundraising pages and fundraising teams. Here's a list of the differences to help you choose which one is right for you.

Shared Fundraising Page

  • There's only one fundraising page for everyone to link to.

  • Add a photo and a name for the whole group.

Fundraising Team

  • Each person on the team gets their own fundraising page.

  • The team page shows the combined total of everyone's fundraising pages.

  • The team page can be customised with a photo, a cover photo, a story and fundraising target for the whole team.

A few things to think about when choosing:

  • If you need to see how much each person has raised individually, a fundraising team gives each person a fundraising total. If you prefer that all donations are to the group, a shared fundraising page may be the right choice.

  • If each person wants to tell their own story and personalise their own page, then a fundraising team may be the best choice, shared fundraising pages only provide one page so it needs to be shared amongst the whole group.