Confirming your email address

You may need to "Confirm" your email address before you can complete some tasks with Echoleft, for example donating to a good cause, or buying tickets or registering for an event.

To confirm your address:

  • During your registration, we will let you know that we've sent an email to the address you've provided. The email will contain a secure link you will need to click on.

  • When the email arrives, click the “Confirm Email Address” link. You'll be shown a confirmation message to say your address has been confirmed.

  • Close the tab/window with the confirmation message and return to complete your task.

You'll only need to do this once.

If the confirmation email hasn't arrived after a few minutes.

Please check the email address you've entered for typo's. This is by far the most common reason we are unable to deliver confirmation emails, here are a few things to check:

  • Are you using the right ending for your email address i.e. .com or

  • Are you using the right email address? Lots of people have work and personal email addresses and it's easy to forget which one you need.

  • Are you checking the right account?

If everything looks fine, you can re-send the confirmation email. Please note that this will immediately invalidate the first confirmation email, so if you find it later it will no longer work. Only the most recent email confirmation we send will be valid.

If your email still hasn't arrived, contact us and we'll do all we can to help.

Why do we need you to confirm your email address?

We send out important emails that you'll want to receive when using Echoleft, like confirmation emails for donations or events. That means we need to make sure we have the right address and that our emails get through. It also helps us prevent spam and keep you safe and secure.

We know it can be an inconvenience, especially when all you want to do is complete the task you came to perform, but it really does help us keep your details safer, and prevent bad actors from being able to access data they shouldn't see, so we really appreciate your patience.